1. Grepy

    Avenor2 serverfiless battlepass

    Hello friends, does anyone know how to activate battlepass in Avenor2 serverfiles? I need help with this please.
  2. Peterek

    Not answered Compilate cmake Avenor2

    Can you advise me how to compile this Server Files (game, db) cmake thank you very much https://metin2hub.com/threads/avenor-2-server-file-senior-lavirado.345/
  3. Not answered Avenor2 Client build

    Hello guys. I downloaded Avenor2 SF and wanted to build client.. I got some errors about compiler version, i solved that after some minutes of work. But then i ran into problem with command "cd ..\..\..\..\..\..\_CYTHO......." just some path.. So i started to look around Pre Build settings and i...
  4. luismurias

    Easy Server Avenor2 - A New Generation

    We have open a server for beta tests You can enjoy and play our systems. We have: Max lvl 250 Wing System Cape System Ingame Wiki Multifarmblock Talent Tree Anti-EXP Tittle System Fast reload CH Prestige System Bio System +25 Maps Added Skill Color System New Emotions New Pets New Mounts...
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