1. Solved Battlepass

    Hi, I find really weird bug with battlepass.. When I activate premium one it will disappear after teleport.. In MySQL is everything alright, I can even completing premium missions but in UI it lock itself after TP.. I check everything in source + python but cant find anything wrong...
  2. Grepy

    Avenor2 serverfiless battlepass

    Hello friends, does anyone know how to activate battlepass in Avenor2 serverfiles? I need help with this please.
  3. HyPer95

    Hard Server Rotex2 - [Lv. 99] - Back to 2009 - International Oldschool Server - Game Play Clasic - BattlePass - Wiki in Game

    Rotex2 is Online Homepage Rigister Donwload Discord -----------------------------------------UPDATE----------------------------------------- News for future players!! When you log in you will receive an Apprentice Amulet, which gives bonuses to help me in the first few days of the game...
  4. NesquiK

    New Battlepass system Ascyra

    Hidden content

    VIP [NEW] BattlePass System + Full 2022-06-01

    -You must have a VIP or Premium rank to download this file. Hello Everyone, Today I will share with you the BattlePass system. I have used it countless times in past games and now I present it to you. You can contact us in case of any mishap.