1. Fana

    Not answered Which source is best?

    Hello, Whose SRC do you think is the best? We are talking here about paid and free SRCs. Those that will simply be a good base for the server. Please briefly explain why you think so.
  2. Syerra2 Official Start 11.12.23

    Syerra 2 is coming soon Official Start 11.12.23 18:00 CET Discord Join the Syerra2 Discord Server!
  3. XTry


  4. Infinity dungeon (TUTORIAL) by caanmasu

    Hello everyone My Discord is: caanmasu I bring you my second quest tutorial where you can improve your quest/lua skills (a bit of SQL too) until you become a real expert. Note: in the link is the first and second tutorial (Spanish and English language) This tutorial is about an infinity...