1. delaromx

    Not answered Sanii Inventory Item Position Bug

    Hello brothers, I have a problem installing the sanii inventory, I had previously installed it and I did not have any similar problem, it turns out that the files I use have a garbage inventory and I was forced to remove it and put the sanii one, I have everything correctly installed , the...
  2. Quick


    all, I'm encountering this error when I try to open the offline shop I can't open it in any way. I can't see the time, i.e. time and day. Checking for errors and both client-side and server-side nothing is specified... Does anyone know how to fix it? OFFLINE BUG TIME
  3. Arvid

    Solved Costume Weapon system bug

    I have a bug in the costume, the weapon does not appear in the costume slot. someone help? can i pay for the service
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