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c++ metin2

  1. Trojan3D

    Not answered Damage problem damage is equal or below 0

    Hello, I also come with a somewhat less frequent problem. I have set item bonuses 5000 Strong against metin stone, 5000 Strong against monsters and 5000 bosses The problem is that it doesn't deal damage in metin stones Gyazo Screen Video...
  2. Black

    Global Gift System

    It allows you to send gifts to all players in the game in bulk. Gifts can be sent separately for Male and Female characters, everyone can receive gifts by creating a promotion and sending a code. Hidden content
  3. Black

    [SYSTEM] Elemental Spell

  4. Black

    Fake Metin Stone (C++)

    Botlar için küçük bir önlem Metin 50 kez hasar gördüğünde oyundan atılacaktır... Hüzünlü metne uygun farklı bir metin tasarımı ile daha güzel hale getirilebilir. Char_battle.cpp'den taşınabilir kod yazın Hidden content Hidden content
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