1. Not answered Client Build ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_NORM_NUM Error

    Hello everyone, I add an offline store to the system, I get an error as shown in the picture, what should I do?
  2. knasti

    Request Add a amor to client and server

    Hello, i want to add a 3D amor model to the client and server. I don't have icons and query. Can someone give me a tipp how i can do it and what should i pay attention to?

    GameLauncher [ FROM ARCHIVE ]

  4. Scrapper

    Client Crash Fix

    Hello Metin2hub, this fix is the solution to kicking you out of the game without sending syserr while teleporting or doing any operation. I tried it myself and it is a problem-free fix. Hidden content
  5. vila

    [C++/Py]Official Client Timer Text

    What I can do 1: PARTY [On the Same Map] - You can give deadlines to all Party Members. - You can get the Duration Information of All Members in the Party. - You can add additional time to the existing time of all members in the party. - Reset the Duration of All Members in the Party. 2...
  6. Client orginal files for server's

    Hello, I have to offer original client files for use on all servers for clean editing. I am offering files for all editions. Only basic client files. Product description: all basic client files unedited, ready for editing. No editing clear basic files for mt2...
  7. MT2


    SENA2.8 CLIENT The project should be coded in accordance with all client structures; We made a full entry pack; Thanks to Chris, Stefan and other friends for their support ----------- The working logic is simple; Our file is 12mb; Select the game you want and enter "full client". Upload our...
  8. knx229

    Launcher issue after compiling binary source

    After compiling it doesn't work, I didn't change anything. Someone who knows and can help me with this problem, thank you.
  9. vila

    [Py]Fishbot in client Download Hidden content
  10. Client Visual Animation c++ Py

    Client animation system works perfectly (I tested) I can't attach pics or video but i think you know which is this system. Virus total
  11. fear

    Not answered elendos v2 ip client

    Hi i have problem with setting correctly the ip in the client. I found where to set i think PythonNetworkStreamModule in client source im changing this serverIP name and it is still not working (yes im compiling this source) No idea what i'm doing wrong.
  12. Not answered Problem auto hunt client

    p*Problemă/Întrebare: nu pot da start la auto hunt client ramane bifat si stop si start Tipologie server: 40k *Resursă folosită: *ServerFiles utilizat:Neoria2 *Syserr: Poză: View: *Detalii...
  13. xmanila

    Not answered Client crash when changing chars/login

    Hello, Sometimes, when I try to change characters it's crashing and the only thing that I have in syserr is : Thanks in advance.
  14. LeMo

    Not answered Client Optimization (Lag Fix) problem

    hello guys i was trying to add that system C ++ Client Optimization (Lag Fix) but i got problem and i tried to fix it but everyting i tried didnt work so here the problem error C2065: 'verticesMap': undeclared identifier error C2530: 'p': references must be initialized error C3531: 'p': a...
  15. gumskull123

    Not answered Problem with creating a Client

    ( Forgive me for my English, it's not great and I assisted myself with a translator ) Hi guys, out of boredom/ curiosity/nostalgia I decided to run myself the files that are from another forum. Well everything was going smoothly, I hit the server and built the game. I wanted to build a new...
  16. Scrapper

    Metin2 Client 2008

    Hidden content
  17. Jackszpero

    Save Account System

    Hello Dear Friends and visitors! In this thread, I share with you a small account save system, easy to install, and you can change the buttons if you want. Hidden content
  18. Not answered Avenor2 Client build

    Hello guys. I downloaded Avenor2 SF and wanted to build client.. I got some errors about compiler version, i solved that after some minutes of work. But then i ran into problem with command "cd ..\..\..\..\..\..\_CYTHO......." just some path.. So i started to look around Pre Build settings and i...
  19. delaromx

    Translate Tool in Python

    The translate is partial or total depending on the files to translate, if you have extra systems or items or mobs to them that the official has will not be a translator for obvious reasons, but most will be in the language you want xd how does it work? example: if you want to translate...
  20. Black

    Client Video Intro Logo (SUCCESSFUL!)

    You have a video example on that I made. You need to make the encoding match. You can use Bandi Video Converter. Hidden content
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