1. Costume Plechito Thunder spirit costume

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  2. Request Sasuke Costume

    Hello, does anyone have this costume: i really need it, pls if someone have this costume i hope you can share it.
  3. ayzer2541

    Request ABOUT the horse keeper gun Costume Wanted

    Hello: Does anyone have a horse guard weapon costume set in hand...
  4. Scrapper

    Costume Time Extended

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  5. Jackszpero

    Costume Armor costume with hair /// 4 races, 4 colors

    Hello Guys! Included files: Model for all for 4 races, with 4 different .dds files for colors: red white black blue Hidden content
  6. Not answered Error costume mount system

    Hello everyone. I installed mount costume reneval system when i want using the mount i got this syserr on server. This is the function. Anyone have idea ?
  7. sk1per

    Costume halloween 2023 costumes...

    link download : 4.87 MB file on MEGA
  8. Scrapper

    Costume Collective Costume Sharing

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  9. levocen

    Rubria2 Server Files + Source Global

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    yo guys where can i find these costumes 1 : 2 ...
  11. Costume Killua Unholy God Set

    Hidden contentHidden content I also leave this download link because the effect files are missing Hidden content
  12. SiMo

    Costume DaiSaMa Set Dokkaebi Black

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  13. Resco

    Not answered Trouble adding a costume

    Hello, I am trying to add a costume from this post: I successfully added the hairstyle, but I have a problem with the costume. I have a costume icon, attributes, etc. but I can't see the model. On the example of a shaman...
  14. sykes16

    Costume Dane-Work Golden Royal [FULL WITH EFFECTS]

    Hello Metin2hub Community, this is my first release as a member and moderator! I would like to give you the full set from Dane ! It comes with Armors, Weapons, Sash, and the Effects. This is only the first of many releases that I want to contribute! Be Aware!!! The best wishes! Sykes, Hidden...
  15. Laleci

    Costume Laleci - Plechito St. Patrick Costume Set (Effect,Sash,Weapon,Costume)

    Hello, Hidden content Hidden content
  16. Laleci

    Costume Laleci - Plechito Easter Festive Rabbit Costume Set (Effect,Sash,Weapon,Costume)

    Hello, Hidden content Hidden content
  17. Laleci

    Costume Laleci - Plechito Halfmoon Mage Costume Set (Effect,Sash,Weapon,Costume)

    Hello, Hidden content Hidden content Hidden content Hidden content