1. OFFER: Custom System Development ->

    Hey guys! As you can see in the title i offer custom system development for small and medium sized systems/addons. I will post two things for reference so you see its unique and custom written stuffs. Example 1-> Multi Sell Feature: Extension on already existing drop dialog. With CTRL +...
  2. unqdesign

    [FREE DESIGN] Interface + Logo + Discord Banner and Avatar

    Hidden content Hello all, I decided to offer this package for free to someone who really needs it. The archive contains everything you need to modify this template Careful! The interface is PSD only You can contact me anytime if you want to edit something :D Have fun!
  3. DoN

    _DoN_Metin2 Discord-Rich-Presence

    Hello everyone, today I share with you this system, well what exactly does this system do? Makes that when a player plays on your metin server, the Discord status will show this information , server name, kingdom, etc. I haven't heard anyone at the moment who has problems with this system.. You...