1. sykes16

    [LUA/DUNGEON] dracaryS-Works Dragonlair Dungeon - Clean and Fast Version

    Hello guys! Im back at the team of metin2hub.com and to celebrate these days im going to release some dungeons from dracarys! Im exited to be back, and I hope you enjoy the new leaks!! ALERT: THIS IS JUST THE QUEST FILE. YOU WILL NEED MAPS MOBS AND EVERYTHING ELSE. Hidden contentHidden...
  2. TheBlackStar

    Maps [Dungeon] Pirate cave [FULL]

    Hidden content I hope you apreciate it
  3. TheBlackStar

    [C++] Automatic Re-Join Dungeon 1.0.0 | DracaryS

    Hidden content
  4. Scrapper

    New Dungeon Info - Dracarys

    Gyazo Hidden content
  5. Scrapper

    Maps Nemere and Razodor Dungeon

    Hidden content
  6. Yeogsa

    Hard Server Yeogsa | From the ashes of Mt2Classic | Classic Hardcore Experience

    Website Discord Download Interactive Presentation Facebook Instagram Website Discord Download Interactive Presentation Facebook Instagram
  7. Infinity dungeon (TUTORIAL) by caanmasu

    Hello everyone My Discord is: caanmasu I bring you my second quest tutorial where you can improve your quest/lua skills (a bit of SQL too) until you become a real expert. Note: in the link is the first and second tutorial (Spanish and English language) This tutorial is about an infinity...

    Premium Track System (Drarcays Dungeon + WorldBoss) 2022-10-09

    -You must have a VIP or Premium rank to download this file. https://metin2hub.com/threads/vip-and-premium-features.689/ Already has system good how-to file. So easy to put your dungeons cooldown in to this system. Dungeons has 3 types ( available, re-enter(back dungeon) and cooldown) WorldBoss...
  9. DoN

    Maps [Plechito]Deep underwater Shark Cave (Full , with quest)

    Here it is :) Dungeon info: 1. Floor Kill all monsters to proceed Destroy all stones within defined time (15 minutes by default) or you will be teleported out of dungeon Kill first boss. If you won’t kill him within defined time (4 minutes by default), aggressive monsters will appear and its...
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