1. Grepy

    Not answered Avenor2-Serverfiles / add effect

    Please does anyone know how to add weapon and armor effect to Avenor2 serverfiles? Probably nothing is written to playersettingmodule.py.
  2. TheBlackStar

    [C++]Penetrating hit effect

    Game SRC Hidden content * There is only 2 functions what u need to edit
  3. Ashika

    Others [FREE] Taskbar Buttons | 50 Buttons | With Hover & Down Effect

    Hidden content
  4. Ashika

    2D - İcons [FREE] Special Storage Icons | 7 Icons | With Hover & Down Effect

    Hidden content
  5. NesquiK

    Effects GM Effect

    Hidden content
  6. Scrapper

    Effect Day Type

    Hidden content
  7. vila

    Auto Lantern Effect

    This will automatically add lamp effect(fire_ob-b1-013-lamp02.mse) to lamp objects(ob-b1-013-lamp02.gr2) If you use official packs, use these CRCS and skip register part: Code m_dwLanternCRC = 2288483325; m_dwLanternEffectCRC = 3363030126; download Hidden content
  8. DoN

    Effects Wings Effects

    Hello Everyone, i would like to share with you those wings effects i hope you like them! Hidden contentHidden contentHidden contentHidden content Stay on
  9. DoN

    Effects [Ridack]Effect-Fish, Butterflies, Crabs, Frogs and more

    Hi all! As the title says these are effects created by [Ridack] Fish, Butterflies, Crabs, Frogs and more They can be easily added with the World editor program! Maybe in the future I will make a tutorial on how to add them Go and check out my tutorial on how to install World Editor Stay tuned...