1. Not answered Avenor 2 Root Cython error msg

    Hello, i try to create the rootlib with the Avenor 2 cythonizer. I have this folder structure: and my error:
  2. Not answered problem image

    I have this problem when I change an image inside the server without even changing it simply modifying it the game gives this errorI have this problem when I change an image within the server without even changing it by simply modifying it or
  3. Not answered Client error

    hi, does anyone know how to solve this, the svf i m using its a martysama 5.7 metin2hub version.
  4. Not answered bravery cape dracarys ERROR

    bravery cape dracarys ERROR when killed, the system shuts itself down and you have to reactivate the cloak can you help me please video here : View:
  5. BituSebi2

    Not answered Error compile binary Zentoria2

    Helo guys, i have a problem with binary Zentoria2. This is the only error i get, and no one know the answer for this error . Can someone help me please ? Hidden content include and lib are good .
  6. Not answered Team system error compiling game

    Hi ! Im tryna add team system on ulthar v2 tmp but when i compile the game src i have this error: messenger_manager.cpp:50:39: error: no member named 'bind1st' in namespace 'std' 50 | DBManager::instance().FuncQuery(std::bind1st(std::mem_fun(&MessengerManager::LoadTeamList), this)...
  7. Not answered K İnventory Error

    Hello, can anyone help with k inventory problem? Items such as swords, armor, etc. are added to the inventory without any problems and I can change their locations. However, as seen in the photos, instead of increasing, changing enchantments and chests coming to the k inventory, they come...
  8. Not answered Error analyze/sequence header3

    Hello! I found this error in my sysser, i'ts start to show after 10-12h after i press sh in putty. SYSERR: Mar 11 08:12:35 :: Analyze: Handshake phase does not handle packet 3 (fd 21) SYSERR: Mar 11 08:12:35 :: Process: SEQUENCE 29e38800 mismatch 0xaf != 0x2a header 3 SYSERR: Mar 11...
  9. Not answered Connection Error!

    Hello! The server starts successfully, no error. I can access the database in navicat. When I start the game and try to log in, it says "Error with server connection." In the file I changed the IP to the server ip. I then ran the create_byname.bat file on the root file and...
  10. Not answered Trade House Error

    Hello there, i have problem with tradehouse. I get error and doesn't open the igshop.
  11. Not answered Error costume mount system

    Hello everyone. I installed mount costume reneval system when i want using the mount i got this syserr on server. This is the function. Anyone have idea ?
  12. Not answered Need help with one error

    Hello, when compiling the game I get this error (I added the ingame wiki) and I have no idea where the error is, could someone give me some advice?
  13. Not answered Error header packet

    Occasionally, players on my server experience a complete game shutdown. These are the packet errors they encounter. Can someone help me figure out how to fix this? I've spent time checking forums, comparing the client and source packet.h files, but everything seems fine to me. Unknown packet...
  14. Not answered mysql 5.6 error

    hi anyone can tell me how can I install mysql 5.6 on vps I get this error fredbs freebsd 13.1
  15. Not answered K inventory item deletion error

    Hello friends, I am using the already shared k inventory WJ_SPLIT_INVENTORY_SYSTEM, I think Burhan shared it, I downloaded it because it is fully fixed, many problems have been solved, but there are minor problems, for example, I cannot sell items to NPC, I added bulk item delete and sell, when...
  16. navicat error

    nasil duzeltirim
  17. Not answered LoadMonsterAreaInfo

    sysser: 1009 08:20:30256 :: CMapOutdoor::Load - LoadMonsterAreaInfo ERROR Can someone please help me with this error? It's kicking me out of the server
  18. Baldwin

    Can't connect to MySQL Error Fix

    hi guys if you have this error after mariadb or mysql follow me in putty /usr/local/etc/mysql/conf.d/server.cnf -------------------------------------- find bind-address = change bind-address = -------------------------------------- and reboot your problem solved
  19. Not answered Avenor2 Client build

    Hello guys. I downloaded Avenor2 SF and wanted to build client.. I got some errors about compiler version, i solved that after some minutes of work. But then i ran into problem with command "cd ..\..\..\..\..\..\_CYTHO......." just some path.. So i started to look around Pre Build settings and i...
  20. Aincrad

    Solved Error LogMSQL

    Could someone help me with this problem, what could it be?