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  1. Not answered Avenor2 Client build

    Hello guys. I downloaded Avenor2 SF and wanted to build client.. I got some errors about compiler version, i solved that after some minutes of work. But then i ran into problem with command "cd ..\..\..\..\..\..\_CYTHO......." just some path.. So i started to look around Pre Build settings and i...
  2. Aincrad

    Solved Error LogMSQL

    Could someone help me with this problem, what could it be?
  3. DoN

    [FIX] Error-Analyze: login phase does not handle this packet! header 100

    Hi everyone, my name is DoN..I thought this post might be useful for those who have this error: I had this error, and my server crashed. After I added this fix the problem was solved, I hope it will be useful for you! " Analyze: login phase does not handle this packet! header 100" just follow...
  4. DoN

    Not answered Syerr Help

    Hello everyone, i keep getting those errors.... and i have other problem also, when players teleport to some maps, they get stuck in that map and can't connect anymore ... I thought I didn't have enough RAM but recently I upgraded the host, and the problem doesn't go away. Do you have any idea...
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