1. Not answered problem image

    I have this problem when I change an image inside the server without even changing it simply modifying it the game gives this errorI have this problem when I change an image within the server without even changing it by simply modifying it or
  2. cupim123


    Good morning community I have a problem with my pet in these files Can anybody help me? when I rotate the type of pet It keeps changing alone Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5 Type 6 Type 7 he changes alone. Sorry about my English View:
  3. Scrapper

    Client Crash Fix

    Hello Metin2hub, this fix is the solution to kicking you out of the game without sending syserr while teleporting or doing any operation. I tried it myself and it is a problem-free fix. Hidden content
  4. MT2

    We need your support for the launcher, let's fix it together.

    View: We need your support for the launcher, let's fix it together.
  5. TheBlackStar

    ShopEx Buffer Overflow Fix

    I found an issue when i was checking ShopEx system. If your pack_tab size is bigger than default m2 / SHOP_HOST_ITEM_MAX_NUM is bigger than default this overflow occurs. This causes a core crash as seen in the screenshot below: Solution I use temp buffer for handle better but you can change...
  6. Staple

    Move İtem & OfflineShop Dupe Fix

    I am sharing 2 useful fixes that I definitely recommend you do. Hidden content BUG GİF
  7. LeMo

    Not answered Client Optimization (Lag Fix) problem

    hello guys i was trying to add that system C ++ Client Optimization (Lag Fix) but i got problem and i tried to fix it but everyting i tried didnt work so here the problem error C2065: 'verticesMap': undeclared identifier error C2530: 'p': references must be initialized error C3531: 'p': a...
  8. 1-120 Official Server Files

    Hello everyone! I am looking for a problem-free structure with a 1-120 Official structure for the server project, including champion level. Is there anyone available with these features?
  9. vila

    Owsap Loan System 1.0.3

    You can only loan one item at a time to any player. If the item is not accepted by the player you can collect your item again after 7 days. If the player accepts your loan during these 7 days then you can collect your item when the loan time is over. Each loan accepted is logged in the history...
  10. Baldwin

    MartySama 5.4 [FULL FIX]

    Presentation Video If you have error setup Update Revision -------------------------------------- expr: syntax error *** [all] Error code 2 make: stopped in /usr/src/atemizsrc/Server 1 error if you have this error /usr/src/atemizsrc/Server in makefile @echo...
  11. Baldwin

    Can't connect to MySQL Error Fix

    hi guys if you have this error after mariadb or mysql follow me in putty /usr/local/etc/mysql/conf.d/server.cnf -------------------------------------- find bind-address = change bind-address = -------------------------------------- and reboot your problem solved
  12. Black

    Great Offshop Memory Leak Fix

    Here is my fix for a huge mem leak on great Offshop. Hidden content Hidden content
  13. Black

    Mount Space Bug Fix

    FİX: Syser warning fix that occurs on the mount when there is no weapon in hand. Hidden content
  14. DoN

    [FIX] Error-Analyze: login phase does not handle this packet! header 100

    Hi everyone, my name is DoN..I thought this post might be useful for those who have this error: I had this error, and my server crashed. After I added this fix the problem was solved, I hope it will be useful for you! " Analyze: login phase does not handle this packet! header 100" just follow...