1. TR3P2

    Not answered [HELP] How to configure FreeBSD 13.2 For metin2

    Good, can someone help me set up a VPS, to install some servefilles metin2? Whenever I try to open the putty with the Root password, it says that access is denied! When I open the console on the website where I bought the machine, access is allowed to me. I think I'll have to configure something...
  2. Need help to exit this mode

    I only turned on the system reinstallation mode, how can I exit this mode?
  3. Staple

    FreeBSD13.3 Mariadb10.6

    You can use the FreeBSD 13.3 mariadb10.6 version that I created for you from the iso file with peace of mind, the information is in the file Hidden content
  4. Install mysql56-server on any FreeBSD _i386 /x64

    Sometimes there is a need to use older software because there are compatibility problems with the current one. Often such a case in the metin2 server is a mysql server where there are differences between versions of mysql /mariadb and releases /5.6 /8.0. To avoid this hassle there is a way to...
  5. darkilusion10

    Not answered how can I manually install mysql56 on freebsd 13.2

    Hello everyone, Im using a metin2 sistem for some time ago and now i buy a vps to put Server On Problem how i can install Mysql manualy on freebsd 13.2 ? Tks in advc for help
  6. retteete

    Solved I just installed a new freebsd vhd and i cannot connect from winscp

    I get connection refused, i don't know why is that...
  7. Scrapper

    FreeBSD 13 - MariaDB 10.5 && Clang

    # Freebsd 13.0 - MariaDB 10.5 Server + Clang Login: root / dev GCC 11 Clang Python 3.9 Lua 5.3 MariaDB 10.5 All ports & pkg are up to date. Hidden content
  8. Enes K.

    FreeBSD 12.4 x32📦 VHD MySql 5.5 💼 pyton 2.7

    Upgraded from FreeBSD 11.4 Timezone problem has been fixed. ZFS is preferred as the file system due to higher disk speed. Available Packages: Gmake Gcc8 Gcc9 Gcc10 MySQL 5.5 Python 2.7 x32 VHD MySql 5.5 gcc9 pyton 2.7 id: root pw: dev Hidden contentHidden contentHidden contentHidden content
  9. Rail

    Not answered Source from Windows to FreeBSD

    Hello, i've been trying to work with Fliege V3 because the source is given in a windows and a freebsd comaptible version. My question is after developing the server running the source on Windows, how can i change the source to be able to run on FreeBSD again in order to go live?
  10. EnixYazilim

    Freebsd 13.1 Release - MySQL 5.6 - GCC8-9-10-11 - Enix Yazılım

    Hello Dear Forum Members, All the things that have been done as FreeBSD Performance that you are currently using have been done, if you are seeing something that has not been done please contact or write to me via comments or messages below this thread. It has no apparent problems at the moment...