1. OFFER: Custom System Development ->

    Hey guys! As you can see in the title i offer custom system development for small and medium sized systems/addons. I will post two things for reference so you see its unique and custom written stuffs. Example 1-> Multi Sell Feature: Extension on already existing drop dialog. With CTRL +...
  2. retteete

    Not answered Lua compile fresh installed martysama 5.7

    Can someone explain me, please, how to compile lua? I compiled quest from 777, but everything what's about lua, is not compiled, like pet, sash etc, why is that?
  3. Infinity dungeon (TUTORIAL) by caanmasu

    Hello everyone My Discord is: caanmasu I bring you my second quest tutorial where you can improve your quest/lua skills (a bit of SQL too) until you become a real expert. Note: in the link is the first and second tutorial (Spanish and English language) This tutorial is about an infinity...