1. retteete

    Not answered Beta maps all white

    Hello, can someone please explain me why beta maps are all white, like without texture. I installed a server files from this website, and i just introduce the beta maps index in cores' config. and now are working but all white.
  2. Black

    Maps Farm Map Like Bay

    GOOD USE METİN2HUB FAMİLY :) I didn't try. If anyone tries it can post a photo. Hidden content
  3. OsuProduction

    [Premium]City V3-Map1 and Map2 _彡Ď๐Ṉ彡

    Hello Evreyone i'm DoN Today i'm going to share this new maps Map1 and Map2 Here is Presentation video And Here is How to install... Hidden content ◥꧁ད ॐ卐D⋆o⋆N 卐ॐ ཌ꧂◤
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