1. Aristid The Wolf27

    Quality Host - Game Hosting de Înaltă Calitate

  2. NesquiK

    Level Range for Metins

    Hidden content VT
  3. OsuProduction

    Server file sumahar PVP

    All the fixes have been put in and checked from the beginning. So I can say I brought it to the "day" All the maps and all the mobs and all the items have been put back in. All unnecessary files in the client have been deleted, currently the client is 523 mb. Having a lot of costumes and...
  4. Searching GM Fusion.org is Looking for Staff Members

    Fusion.org currently looking for STAFF for the following functions: Game Developer: to help us improve our systems/create new ones and to help us solving in-game bugs; Trial Game Master (TGM): Game Master in the training phase, however, this does not mean he does not have authority in the...