metin2 battlepass

  1. Medium Server Mystic2 - The future is yours | International | Start 25.08.23

    Presentation: Mystic2 Presentation Please click on our link to see the presentation. Since no more than 50 images are loaded here. Server Start: 25.08.2023 Homepage: Mystic2 Homepage Discord: Join the Mystic2 - The future is yours Discord Server
  2. Eden2


    Site: Glory-Eden2 - Noutăți Official Opening: 14.04.2023 Enter the discord and participate in the Beta Version. Discord: Join the Eden2-14.04.2023 Discord Server! Level: 105 Game Mode: PvM-Medium Presentation: Eden2 - Presentation
  3. OptimistAdam

    Premium ATTENDANCE SYSTEM 1.0.0

    About This File Description Attend the game to collect daily rewards during the ongoing month. If you skip a day then you cannot collect previous rewards and they will be marked with a red slot while collected rewards will be marked with a green slot. This system / event can be enabled with a...
  4. Medium Server ENTRADA2 - PVM MEDIUM | INTERNATIONAL | Server start: 02.08.2022

    Numele serverului: entrada2 Canale deschise: 1 Nivel maxim: 120 Site-ul serverului: ENTRADA2 - News Forumul serverului: disponibil in curand. Client: ENTRADA2 - Download
  5. DoN

    _DoN_Teleport Design PSD [Font included]

    Hello everyone, I don't know who made this design but it looks spectacular, I created an archive where you will find the PSD file, also text font, and a preview. Attention, the archive contains only PSD! You need to code this design to be able to be implemented in your server! Hidden content
  6. DoN

    Owsap-Keyboard Settings System

    As the title indicates, this system allows you to change the default keyboard keys. Hidden content

    VIP [NEW] BattlePass System + Full 2022-06-01

    -You must have a VIP or Premium rank to download this file. Hello Everyone, Today I will share with you the BattlePass system. I have used it countless times in past games and now I present it to you. You can contact us in case of any mishap.