metin2 owsap

  1. OsuProduction

    98-99 PVP Server Files

    These files are built on hemera2 global (the first infrastructure of eren2/eren3 as you know it). NOTE: In the original, there is no sound in the game in these builds (they deactivated or deleted all functions related to MilesLib). But I added all the sounds to these files from scratch. NOTE...
  2. DoN

    Owsap-Keyboard Settings System

    As the title indicates, this system allows you to change the default keyboard keys. Hidden content

    Premium [Multi Language] Owsap 1-120 New Edition Server File + Champion 2022-06-01

    -You must have a VIP or Premium rank to download this file. Hello Everyone, Today I am sharing with you the edited version of the Owsap file. I hope you will like it.
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