metin2 pvm

  1. Medium Server EmpireOfMetin2 EoM2 - Opening 24/05/2024 - NewSchool - International

    EmpireOfMetin2 EoM2 - Opening 24/05/2024 - NewSchool - International Site: EoM2 | Metin2 Private Server Hello everyone, the server that has originally been found in 2024 is now offering a new remastered version with the most updated and recent content. Our mission is to provide the best...

    HOME PAGE DISCORD INTRODUCTION VIDEO 120 Lv Starting Royals and 120 Weapons in NPC Quick Status One Click Biologist Area Boss System Individual Boss System Balanced and Equal Damages 100% Cheat-free gaming pleasure Long-Lasting and Quality Infrastructure Old Style Nostalgic in a...
  3. [SA]Return

    Easy Server | Opening 03.05.2024 | Newschool | International

  4. Faruuken

    Medium Server Ro/eng Pvm Medium Old-school 2011

    Numele serverului:Raya2 Canale deschise: 1 Nivel maxim: 100 pentru moment. Puncte status: 90 Site-ul serverului: Raya2.International - News Forumul serverului: Raya2.International - News Inregistrare:Raya2.International - Register Client: Raya2.International - Download Discord: Join the Raya2...
  5. HyPer95

    Hard Server Rotex2 - [Lv. 99] - Back to 2009 - International Oldschool Server - Game Play Clasic - BattlePass - Wiki in Game

    Rotex2 is Online Homepage Rigister Donwload Discord -----------------------------------------UPDATE----------------------------------------- News for future players!! When you log in you will receive an Apprentice Amulet, which gives bonuses to help me in the first few days of the game...
  6. Xerocs

    Hard Server - Oldschool | Opening 22.03.2024 - Server start on 22.03.2024 Website: Fey - Neuigkeiten Register: Fey - Registrieren Discord: Join the Fey Discord Server! Presentation: Special invite event & Giveaway! There is an invite event on our Discord server, through...
  7. Search for a dev

    What am I looking for? I'm looking to collaborate with a serious and capable technician for the development and maintenance of an international PVM server! I have server files completed to 75%, perfectly stable, and without issues! Technical specifications for SF: * OSF Vs. * FreeBSD...
  8. Medium Server ~ Follow your Dreams | International | 01.03.2024

    Website: Kyros2 - News Discord: Languages: DE EN TR RO
  9. Easy Server Metin2Retail PVM (Zeryon)

    Numele serverului: Metin2Retail Canale deschise: 1 canal Nivel maxim: 120 Puncte status: Serverul ruleaza 24/24 ore pe zi. Site-ul serverului: Forumul serverului: Inregistrare: Canal Discord...
  10. Hard Server Thor - clash of gods | International | Server Start 19.01.2024


    Medium Server Wom2Aurora | February 2023 | Official Wom2

    Site: Wom2 Discord: Join the WOM2(Aurora) Discord Server! Opening: 18/02/2023