metin2 quest

  1. xkenjix

    [SEARCH] Dämontower_zone Working Quest.

    Hi i search for the DE Like or offical Like Dämontower_zone.lua Quest. In the Fliege V3 is nie exists but Not working right. In Level 5 of the DT Run does no Mob Drop a key.
  2. Not answered Problem:Character change quest?

    Hello everyone. I added the file I have to the server, but while all the characters change, it does not turn into a warrior character.When I try it as poly code, /poly 4 code does not work. Can you help me?
  3. Fana


    Hello. Does anyone have the entire server side, quest, db etc for these dungeons? I will pay to share it. Dungeons: Midnight forest, Mazarif ruins , Lava fields, Hell's gate Dungeon, Frosten kingdom dungeon, Abandoned circus. Send me ur DC
  4. Not answered Quest and state finish

    Hello peoples, I need to edit this quest so that, when the player answers the right answer, the quest no longer appears on the NPC, how do I do it? quest xxxx begin state start begin when"xxxx."begin say_title("Enigma") say("")...
  5. Marcos Lima

    Event PvP

    This mission consists of a PvP event where you will be able to choose the map, and the amount of life the player will have, after running out of life he will be directed off the map, and will no longer be able to enter until a new event is started. Hidden content
  6. sykes16

    [LUA/DUNGEON] dracaryS-Works Dragonlair Dungeon - Clean and Fast Version

    Hello guys! Im back at the team of and to celebrate these days im going to release some dungeons from dracarys! Im exited to be back, and I hope you enjoy the new leaks!! ALERT: THIS IS JUST THE QUEST FILE. YOU WILL NEED MAPS MOBS AND EVERYTHING ELSE. Hidden contentHidden...
  7. Skill select To letter Thanks to this add-on, we can get automatic remote skills at level 5 without going to teachers. Hidden content
  8. Quest Time and Item

    Hello community, I need a quest that, for example, when using the item and receiving the bonus, I will no longer be able to use it and, if the player wants to use it, he will receive the message that he has already used it and will no longer be able to use it.
  9. Scrapper

    Special Daily Challenges: Defeat Monsters, Claim Rewards!

    When they interact with an NPC with NPC ID 20084, players will be introduced to the daily quest and asked to kill 20 monsters. Once the mission is completed, the player will receive one of +50 HP, +5 DEF or +5 ATT as a reward. Hidden content
  10. Enes K.

    Global Sales [LUA]

    Hidden content