metin2 virtualbox

  1. TR3P2

    Not answered [HELP] How to configure FreeBSD 13.2 For metin2

    Good, can someone help me set up a VPS, to install some servefilles metin2? Whenever I try to open the putty with the Root password, it says that access is denied! When I open the console on the website where I bought the machine, access is allowed to me. I think I'll have to configure something...
  2. Need help to exit this mode

    I only turned on the system reinstallation mode, how can I exit this mode?
  3. Staple

    FreeBSD13.3 Mariadb10.6

    You can use the FreeBSD 13.3 mariadb10.6 version that I created for you from the iso file with peace of mind, the information is in the file Hidden content
  4. Install mysql56-server on any FreeBSD _i386 /x64

    Sometimes there is a need to use older software because there are compatibility problems with the current one. Often such a case in the metin2 server is a mysql server where there are differences between versions of mysql /mariadb and releases /5.6 /8.0. To avoid this hassle there is a way to...
  5. Scrapper

    FreeBSD 13 - MariaDB 10.5 && Clang

    # Freebsd 13.0 - MariaDB 10.5 Server + Clang Login: root / dev GCC 11 Clang Python 3.9 Lua 5.3 MariaDB 10.5 All ports & pkg are up to date. Hidden content