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  1. alexghinet

    "PvP Edition" DnD Serverfiles NEW! 15.01.2023

    Presentation of Serverfiles Premium DnD "PvP Edition" (15.01.2023) Serverfiles details: Systems Details (Installed Features)...
  2. DoN

    Others Lot's Of High Quality Textures for your map

    Maybe useful for someone Lot's of High Quality textures Hidden content
  3. DoN

    Others [OBJ] Character Statues

    Hello to everyone. I hope you all doing good. I would like to share with you those Character statues maybe useful for someone! In archive you will find about 14 .Gr2 statues model including texture Hidden content
  4. OptimistAdam

    VIP DracaryS - Renewal Render Target 1

    Render target has 2 option. Item and mob preview. System has 2 editline for player can search any thing they want. System has move and zoom with mouse algorithm. Mob preview has motion algorithm so player can see any motion with effect.
  5. OptimistAdam

    Announcement 🎁 Christmas VIP Rank Draw 🎁 Metin2Hub

    Hello dear members, Due to the great interest in our forum, I would like to give you a gift and I will draw today. You will get: VIP Rank (7 Days) All you have to do is react to this topic and leave a comments like "I agree" as a comment. This draw will only give VIP rank to 1 members...
  6. Medium Server [Metin2Supreme] - PvM-Medium/Easy Global Server[Level-120]

    Server Name: Metin2Supreme Level maxim:120 MOD SERVER:PvM Medium/Easy TIP: Old School-New School . Canale Deschise : 1/4 Trailler and video youtube: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sncTIm78dGo View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck6DjoIDlQc&t=482s View...
  7. Black

    Others Halloween Buildings

    Hidden content
  8. Black

    2X Stone Event

    Hello, it is a 2x event used on 55-120 servers. Before: AFTER: Hidden content
  9. OptimistAdam

    Premium ATTENDANCE SYSTEM 1.0.0

    About This File Description Attend the game to collect daily rewards during the ongoing month. If you skip a day then you cannot collect previous rewards and they will be marked with a red slot while collected rewards will be marked with a green slot. This system / event can be enabled with a...
  10. Black

    Global Gift System

    It allows you to send gifts to all players in the game in bulk. Gifts can be sent separately for Male and Female characters, everyone can receive gifts by creating a promotion and sending a code. Hidden content
  11. Black

    Index MSP2 INDEX

    Good Uses Hidden content
  12. mynu12345

    Hard Server Karma2.online PVM HARD New Gameplay 26.12.22

    Web: https://karma2.online/ Discord: Join the Karma2.Online Discord Server! Presentation: https://karma2.online/presentation.html
  13. OptimistAdam

    VIP Automatic Bravery Cape DracaryS 2022-12-23

    DESCRİPTİON System work with affects.(1, 3, 7, 14, 30 and Infinite day option). System has duration for loop using bravery cape(i didn’t add effect but if your files has u can adapt like your want). System has range algorithm. System automatic continue after warp or disconnect etc. Many little...
  14. Black

    Theme Metin2 Old Theme (WMCP)

    Good Uses of Metin2-TR Old Theme. Hidden contentHidden content
  15. Black

    View Groupmate Level

    Lets you see your friends' levels while in the group Hidden content
  16. Black

    Monsters Cow Boss

    COW BOSS :) Hidden content
  17. Black

    Visual Studio (2013-2015-2019-2022)

    Visual Studio 2013-2015 Ultimate You can mount the Visual Studio15 Ultimate.iso file using Daemon Tools. After installation, you can make the code in Seria.txt complete. ### You can mount the Visual Studio13 Ultimate.iso file with the help of Daemon Tools. After installation, you can make it...
  18. Enes K.

    Monster Card System

    Hidden content
  19. Black

    New Login Screen (With Pin System)

    GOOD USE METİN2HUB FAMİLY :) https://metin2hub.com/threads/c-new-login-screen-pincode-save-accounts.879/ https://metin2hub.com/threads/c-new-login-screen-pincode-save-accounts.879/ Hidden content Hidden content
  20. Black

    Great Offshop Memory Leak Fix

    Here is my fix for a huge mem leak on great Offshop. Hidden content Hidden content
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