1. open on all servers [while loop FİX]

    Greetings with friends Aimed at correcting the large angle found on almost all servers Available in open bulk product sorting mistake: fix the deficit: Hidden content
  2. SELL Ava2 fixed version

    A fixed currently bug-free Ava2 server file is for sale. If you encounter a bug that affects upgraded systems you will get the fix for free. I will install the server for free. However it is important to point out that I do not provide any other support for the server file after the purchase...
  3. Black

    Chat-log Window Fix

    I think everyone already knows this problem, this happens because the client is just rendering the text pointer of the normal chat window, when opening the chat-log window, it just changes the positio Hidden content
  4. Metin2Fix

    Medium Server Best Server Ever! >>>Metin2Fix <<<Tarihin en iyi PvP'si Açılıyor

    Merhaba arkadaşlar 2010 Efsanesi +10.000 Online Metin2Fix Tekrar açılıyor. (Yeni Yönetim İle) Oyunda SIMYA KUŞAK LYCAN KEMER TILSIM PET YOK!! Saçma Sapana Sistemler YOK. Tamamen Eski oynanış tarzıyla geliyor. 1-120 WS'lik Kendine Has İtemleriyle Sizleri BÜYÜLEYECEK! Test aşaması başarıyla...