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  1. BMLucian

    Hey there! I am using Metin2Hub.

    Hello everyone, my name is Lucian I've been playing metin2 for many years but due to life circumstances I didn't have much time the last years to play. Some time ago I came back then I found this community that the truth that compared to the rest has nothing to envy, it is very complete and...
  2. zeTo

    Hello, everyone!

    Hello! Its nice to be part of such a big coummunity I'm unq Very interested in: Graphic Design for Metin2 servers and video editing You can visit my portofolio here: https://metin2hub.com/threads/design-services-unqdesign.1798/ Thank you and have a nice day! <3
  3. Scrapper

    Metin2Hub - Martysama Files SCRAPPER Full

    Hidden content
  4. Not answered Hello Metin2HUB PLS help

    Syssr : dungeon_set_flag: not enough arguments. dungeon doesn't work for me you don't know how to fix it THXXXX
  5. Jackszpero

    Others Minotaurus King

    Hello Guys! Today I share with you a boss/mob, a.k.a Mino King! Have a good use of it! Hidden content
  6. Enes K.

    Auto Shout System

    Hello Metin2Hub. System Allows You to Automatically Shout Every 15 Seconds [Editable] https://gyazo.com/134e20e667053403f0152047c09207c6 Hidden contentHidden contentHidden contentHidden content
  7. Jackszpero

    Save Account System

    Hello Dear Friends and visitors! In this thread, I share with you a small account save system, easy to install, and you can change the buttons if you want. Hidden content
  8. Enes K.

    Atlas İnformation

    only gm characters can teleport. https://gyazo.com/92f750f07525d067474373e28b30ace5 Hidden content
  9. Enes K.

    [FİX] Troll Player Names

    thanks to this small plugin, we can add the names we specify to the blacklist. Hidden contentHidden contentHidden contentHidden content
  10. Jackszpero

    ShopEx Renewal

    Hello Guys! Today I share with you a system, that allows you to sell items in shop for exp,item,or yang. You can choose it in database , from a drop down menu. In the files, there is an sql, you can add it to your database, but be sure you suit it for your server (npc vnum, item id etc) The...
  11. Enes K.

    Hp Bar Colorization

    Hidden content
  12. Scrapper

    Metin2 Official Soul Roulette

    Hidden content
  13. Scrapper

    Dracarys Language System

    Hidden content
  14. Scrapper

    Dracarys Renewal Book Mission

    Hello Metin2Hub Family I love you and share these files with you wait, there are more files to come:love::love::love::love::love: Hidden content
  15. Scrapper

    Conquerors of Yohara Official Server Level System and Point System Update.

    This is the Level System and Point's for Yohara 1. The maps are empty, in essence it's the system, (without mobs). 2. If you want to add the monsters on the maps you can contact me and, I add the monsters and put your credits, the truth was I was lazy :'(. 3. I can upload updates if you...
  16. Scrapper

    Aslan Buff Npc

    Metin2 System Aslan Buff System C++ Hidden content Hidden content
  17. Scrapper

    wings can be added shining system

    hello my brothers, i am sharing the shining system with you so that you can add wings Link: Shining System Reworked.rar indir Let those who use Acce do it: Find: CItemManager::Instance().GetItemDataPointer(dwAcce, &pItemData); Change: if...
  18. Medium Server [Metin2Ranger] - PvM-Medium/Hard/Easy Global Server[Level-120]

    Server Name: Metin2Ranger Level maxim:120 MOD SERVER:pvM Medium/Hard/Easy TIPE: Old School-New School . Channels Open : 3/4 website: https://metin2ranger.ro/ Forum: https://metin2ranger.ro/forum/ Register:Metin2Ranger - Global - Register Download:Metin2Ranger - Global - Download...
  19. DoN

    Panel Web - Daily rewards [MD] --DoN

    This system offers players the daily reward consisting of random MD Every day when the player connects to the site, he will receive random MDs \ What you have to do is just go to Daily rewards[WEB]DoN.zip\Daily\daily_reward\ and edit - reward_settings.php Hidden content
  20. Enes K.

    Panel N2PLAY Homepage - Only Frontend (With Animation)

    Hidden contentHidden content VİrusTotal
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