1. Enes K.

    Collecting Items by Pressing and Holding the Z Key

    You can collect items by holding down the z key (like auto-collection) View: Hidden content
  2. Enes K.

    Increase Dynamic Shadow Rendering Distance System

    BEFORE: AFTER: Hidden contentHidden contentHidden contentHidden content
  3. Enes K.

    Atlas İnformation

    only gm characters can teleport. Hidden content
  4. Enes K.

    2D - İcons New PM İmage

    Hidden content
  5. Enes K.

    Maximum Bonus Tag (İmage)

    Hidden content
  6. Enes K.

    PSM System

    vın vınnnnn psm system saves life :) good uses. Preview; Hidden content
  7. Enes K.

    Player Profile With Kill Statistic

    Hidden content
  8. Enes K.

    NEW Emoji System

    Hidden content
  9. Enes K.

    Split All İtems

    Hidden content
  10. Enes K.

    Atlas Boss System

    Hello everyone, dear Metin2Hub, today I will share Atlas Boss System with you. View: Functions ; - Players are able to move to any location by clicking on the boss - You can restrict the teleport with items & yang - You can set up as many bosses...
  11. Enes K.

    [Python] OnRunMouseWheelEvent

    Hello everyone, I share with you, dear Metin2Hub users, a small plugin that will allow us to use the mouse wheel on all windows. Sample View; Gyazo Hidden content VirusTotal