1. Syerra2

    Syerra2.com Official Start 11.12.23

    Syerra 2 is coming soon Official Start 11.12.23 18:00 CET Discord Join the Syerra2 Discord Server!
  2. Tronium

    Medium Server Tronium - International Server | Max Lv 130 | PVM PV

    DISCORD | WEBSITE | PRESENTATION It is time for us, to announce our server Join our world and become a part of the Tronium community! by joining us, you'll have the chance to meet the special edition of your beloved game and familiarize yourself with its various and unique systems. And...
  3. Sigma

    Zayun International Middelschool Opening at 15/09/2023!

    Hello! A new international server will open its doors on September 15! It is a middleschool server with a medium/high difficulty, it has 6 languages and innovative systems. WEB: Zayun International Middleschool Server - News FACEBOOK: Se connecter à Facebook DISCORD: Join the Metin2 Zayun...
  4. ComaFallen

    Medium Server Mythesia2 - Break your Destiny | Start 19.03.2023

    Presentation: Mythesia2 | Presentation Please click on our link to see the presentation. Since no more than 50 images are loaded here. Server Start: 19.03.2023 Homepage: Mythesia2 | Break your Destiny...