1. NesquiK

    FunnyWorld mt2 UNPACK!

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  2. MT2

    SENA2.8 version + Database+Web Panel + Autopacther(Release) Twelvesky2-karahan online-12sky2-source kaynak kodu

    Hello, I will publish the server files of SENA2.8 Please friends try to upload these everywhere. I want to see PVP servers, not p2win servers. We hope you have a good time in a new community! Before we start, I want to touch upon one issue; al3css '' [Re-Release]12sky1 serverfiles'' After...
  3. Not answered k inventory problem ( additional inventory )

    Hello friends, I removed the k inventory from Ottoman2, but there is a very strange error in the k inventory, the k inventory pulls the objects in the normal inventory, I actually made adaptations, but for example, it shows the k inventory objects in the inventory insight, I did not understand...

    Vreau sa fac acest release, pentru-ca i-am cerut lu' asta de la - mt2 services eu - (Cristian) sa imi faca update uri la ultimul ishop al lui. Vorba a fost ca i-am spus sa imi schimbe design ca cel de la aeldra, a facut asta, dar nu avea si sub-categorii. Cand l-am pus sa imi faca sub categorii...
  5. unqdesign

    Hello, everyone!

    Hello! Its nice to be part of such a big coummunity I'm unq Very interested in: Graphic Design for Metin2 servers and video editing You can visit my portofolio here: Thank you and have a nice day! <3
  6. eylon

    Eylon - New Stage | Portuguese Server | Middle School

    Eylon - New Stage Opening BETA phase: 06/16/2023, 6pm Continental Portugal Official Opening: 2 weeks approximately after the opening of the beta phase. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Presentation WebSite | Discord...