1. retteete

    Not answered AddAffect for new fish

    Hello, I just added some new fishes like Yabby, Smelt,Shiri, Red King Crab, and so on. But, the when i use the grilled ones, the bonus/affect is not added. Does anyone know why ?
  2. ImperiaWorld2 - SpeedServer - Opening 03/05/2024 - NewSchool - New Graphics M2 1.0.4b Terrain depth - International

    Hello everyone, We are ImperiaWorld2, a server of Italian nationality that has had a huge success between 2011 and 2019. On January 26, 2024 we opened our new project with the goal to make it international, as of today we are ready to present to you with a Speed Server that opened on...
  3. Not answered New or Oldschool server files?

    Hello, im quite new to all this, i wanted to try and create my own Private server (on my own pc)for entertainment, and learning purposes. I have read through quite a few guides and recomendations, here and in other forums, but still i have one question, that i did not see anywhere,, for a...


    Hello, a different character selection screen design It contains the necessary explanation. Hidden contentHidden contentHidden content VIRUSTOTAL

    New login screen

    Hello, It is the login interface of a previously opened pvp server. I wish you good use. Hidden content VIRUSTOTAL
  6. retteete

    Solved I just installed a new freebsd vhd and i cannot connect from winscp

    I get connection refused, i don't know why is that...
  7. vila

    [C++/Py]Run System New [Full]

    Download Hidden content
  8. MT2

    SENA2.8 version + Database+Web Panel + Autopacther(Release) Twelvesky2-karahan online-12sky2-source kaynak kodu

    Hello, I will publish the server files of SENA2.8 Please friends try to upload these everywhere. I want to see PVP servers, not p2win servers. We hope you have a good time in a new community! Before we start, I want to touch upon one issue; al3css '' [Re-Release]12sky1 serverfiles'' After...
  9. NesquiK

    New Battlepass system Ascyra

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  10. Scrapper

    New Dungeon Info - Dracarys

    Gyazo Hidden content
  11. NesquiK

    level atributte new

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  12. NesquiK

    Maps Shadow devil tower "New Mission" MAP+QUEST

    Hidden content

    Vreau sa fac acest release, pentru-ca i-am cerut lu' asta de la - mt2 services eu - (Cristian) sa imi faca update uri la ultimul ishop al lui. Vorba a fost ca i-am spus sa imi schimbe design ca cel de la aeldra, a facut asta, dar nu avea si sub-categorii. Cand l-am pus sa imi faca sub categorii...
  14. Syerra2 Official Start 11.12.23

    Syerra 2 is coming soon Official Start 11.12.23 18:00 CET Discord Join the Syerra2 Discord Server!
  15. Scrapper

    Raidcall Rank System New İcon

    New Rank Photo: Hidden content
  16. Remote proto / Remove item_proto and mob_proto from source NEW

    Hello, today an nice release which may be useful for comfortable working at item_proto / mob_proto After this change you don't need anymore proto files in your client Thanks for Flourine for share this Download:
  17. Jackszpero

    New Emotions

    Hello Guys! Hidden content
  18. Costume Dane Fire fragon Sett Unpack :) New

    Hidden content Costumes available for 4 characters View:
  19. eylon

    Eylon - New Stage | Portuguese Server | Middle School

    Eylon - New Stage Opening BETA phase: 06/16/2023, 6pm Continental Portugal Official Opening: 2 weeks approximately after the opening of the beta phase. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Presentation WebSite | Discord...
  20. DoN

    Effects Wings Effects

    Hello Everyone, i would like to share with you those wings effects i hope you like them! Hidden contentHidden contentHidden contentHidden content Stay on