1. knasti

    Not answered Problems with german letters on the npc names

    Hello we have a problem with the npc names in our german client language. Ä,Ö,Ü are not correctly displayed. When we change the ä to ae in the mob proto names we have the folloing incorrect display:
  2. NesquiK


    NEW NPC PACKET = download
  3. Not answered create npc sell item for item

    Can anyone tell me how I can create a shop that buys with item and not yang
  4. Black

    NPC Manga Little Girl Npc

    Manga Little Girl Npc Hidden content
  5. Black

    NPC Crazy Vampire Npc

    Crazy Vampire Npc Hidden content
  6. Aincrad

    Solved street vendor and drunkard

    Hi guys, would anyone know how to put the mechanics of the drunk NPC or peddler walking around town and have them walk other NPCs? to walk the NPCs like the NPCs mentioned above
  7. ejderbey20

    NPC EJDER - NPC, Stone and Objects pack

    Jett and Sage Npc are visually available. There are 3 Objects and 1 Text Stone. Good Uses...
  8. DoN

    NPC [.plechito] Gaya Shop

    Gya Shop Npc By -Plechito- maybe useful for someone Hidden content
  9. DoN

    NPC Pack by Don - 50x Npcs

    Here you can find some interesting npc! Hidden content[/HIDEREPLY]Hidden content[/hidereply][/hidereply]
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