1. Not answered New or Oldschool server files?

    Hello, im quite new to all this, i wanted to try and create my own Private server (on my own pc)for entertainment, and learning purposes. I have read through quite a few guides and recomendations, here and in other forums, but still i have one question, that i did not see anywhere,, for a...
  2. Faruuken

    Medium Server Raya2.international Ro/eng Pvm Medium Old-school 2011

    Numele serverului:Raya2 Canale deschise: 1 Nivel maxim: 100 pentru moment. Puncte status: 90 Site-ul serverului: Raya2.International - News Forumul serverului: Raya2.International - News Inregistrare:Raya2.International - Register Client: Raya2.International - Download Discord: Join the Raya2...
  3. Searching GM Valkyrie2 Oldschool is looking for team members

    Hello everyone! As you saw in the title, We've been working on this project for a little while, our project is a hard old school server with maximum level of 99. I don't want to announce the server yet but we're looking for some staff members to help us testing the server before releasing it. If...
  4. Yeogsa

    Hard Server Yeogsa Speed Server | Available until 8th July | Rates boosted

    Starting today until the official opening you will be able to set up your new account, although access to the server will only be granted on April 5th. Those who create a new account during the preregistration period will receive a Stablemaster's chest, containing a random mount, when the speed...
  5. HyPer95

    Hard Server Rotex2 - [Lv. 99] - Back to 2009 - International Oldschool Server - Game Play Clasic - BattlePass - Wiki in Game

    Rotex2 is Online Homepage Rigister Donwload Discord -----------------------------------------UPDATE----------------------------------------- News for future players!! When you log in you will receive an Apprentice Amulet, which gives bonuses to help me in the first few days of the game...
  6. Xerocs

    Hard Server Fey.global - Oldschool | Opening 22.03.2024

    Fey.global - Server start on 22.03.2024 Website: Fey - Neuigkeiten Register: Fey - Registrieren Discord: Join the Fey Discord Server! Presentation: https://www.fey.global/presentation/presentation.jpg Special invite event & Giveaway! There is an invite event on our Discord server, through...
  7. Medium Server Yabuki2 | International Oldschool | Serverstart: 18.01.2024

    Homepage - Discord
  8. Scrapper

    1-99 Oldschool Server Files - SCRAPPER -

    Hidden content
  9. Lycawn

    Hard Server [OldGodsMt2]

    Old Gods is an international multi language , old school server.. Remember LongjuMt2? Well we are not that old school but we keeping it real! OldGodsMt2 Website Join us for a friendly yet competitive environment, with our support 24/7 and a community that keeps growing X300 rates / medium...
  10. deyan4you

    [Legend2] - SPEED SERVER , START 23.03.2023 / International, 11 languages, oldschool , no pay2win , Do you miss the past?

    OFFICIAL WEBSITE : https://www.metin2legend.org Speed server presentation: Official presentation of the server:
  11. Shiroi Suisei

    Sumedia2 SF - 1/99 Oldschool & Farming

    Hello everyone! This is my first topic. :) I would like to share with you this SF I made in 2021. Very special and emotional SF for me. Because the first SF I made. The systems in it are old and I want to share because I know I can do better. I will not provide support for this SF. Dropped...