1. Not answered Fishing rod and pickaxe not appearing problem

    Hello, the fishing rod and pickaxe are not visible, what do you think is the reason? merhaba olta ve kazma gözükmüyor sebebi nedir sizce? View:
  2. onebestmetin

    Not answered Questing Problem, functions not work

    Hi friends, i have a great problem, my quest: quest gm_panel begin state start begin when letter with pc.is_gm() begin send_letter("GM: Adminpanel") end when info or button with pc.is_gm() begin function mainmenu()...
  3. FoxGames

    Not answered Special inventory c++ problem

    Hello ! Today i have a problem i can't understand... I have this on my GameType.h : #ifdef ENABLE_NEW_EQUIPMENT_SYSTEM const DWORD c_Belt_Inventory_Slot_Start = c_DragonSoul_Equip_End + c_DragonSoul_Equip_Reserved_Count; const DWORD c_Belt_Inventory_Width = 4; const DWORD...
  4. Not answered Shaman buff problem

    can you guys please help me to fix this problem ? i don't know how to fix it or what is causing this problem the problem is he's targeting the other player but the effect of the buff is showing on him while it should be on the other player. i'm using martysama files version 5.1
  5. Not answered Problem creating char

    Hello everybody, I have the following problem, whenever I create a warrior or shura character, it comes with bonuses for some classes, attacks, etc. Ninja and shaman have everything set to zero, the correct option would be for all classes to come with 0 bonuses.
  6. Solved Solved

    Solved can close
  7. Solved Mount problem

    Hi all, I tested Plechito mounts, but the error shown in the picture appeared. As a beginner, I haven't experienced anything similar, and I don't even know what kind of error this is, maybe someone can help me solve it? In the meantime, I'm searching the internet to see if I can find a...
  8. Not answered Sanii switchbot, small problem

    Hi! I added sanii switchbot and if i put an item in switchbot and i teleport the item will be equiped usually not as intended. I saw a topic with same problem and the fix was the clientmanagerplayer.cpp but i couldn't fix it, can someone help me?
  9. Fana

    Not answered Problem with guild systems

    Hello, I have a problem - after adding a passive bonus system or some other editions to the guild system, the same problems occur with different systems. Well, current guilds are deleted and creating a new one is not permanent. After restarting the server, the guild is deleted. Additionally...
  10. Not answered problem image

    I have this problem when I change an image inside the server without even changing it simply modifying it the game gives this errorI have this problem when I change an image within the server without even changing it by simply modifying it or
  11. Not answered Alchemy stacking problem

    Hi, I have this visual problem with the alchemy which makes it show as it is 2 pieces of alchemy stacked but in fact is just 1 , this happens when you do clarity and it fails, it gives 1 piece back but showing as 2 piece.
  12. MrCrane

    Not answered source compilation problem

    hello, I have a clean serverfile where everything works fine except for the 'src' part, I use freebsd 13.1 and I can compile the 'db' part but the range part gives me an error that I don't know how to solve, can someone help me? linking ../game_r41034 /usr/local/bin/ld...
  13. YouLoose ;x

    Request Problem with Alchemy

    Hello, I have a little problem with alchemy. I can give class and level, both work perfectly, but Clarity Grade doesn't work for me. It doesn't work for me in any alchemy class, when I click on refining, nothing happens and I don't have anything in sysser either What could it be from? Gyazo...
  14. Not answered Help! problem with my pet in these files

    Good morning community I have a problem with my pet in these files Can anybody help me? View: when I rotate the type of pet It keeps changing alone Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5 Type 6 Type 7 he changes alone. Sorry about my English
  15. اُلَّضـّـَبّـعَ

    Not answered Problem running Navicat

    Welcome I have downloaded this version I have a problem: I cannot connect to the database. I changed its password manually through the black screen, and yet I cannot connect to it. Can someone help me solve this problem, please...
  16. Staple

    NEW_PET_SYSTEM Solution to pet skill slot problem

    Hello, I will share with you a solution to a problem that most people cannot solve, even if it is small. The system is a fix for the new_pet_system system, that is, for the leveled pet system. The problem is that if your pet skill slots on your leveled pet are closed on the mini pet screen and...
  17. Fana

    Not answered Auto pickup dracarys problem

    I cannot click on the icon in the upper left corner and turn on the system. I will pay for your help. please contact me
  18. Grepy

    Solved Export 3Ds Max problem

    I have a 3Ds Max 2018 exporter designed for this. Everything goes without a problem, but when I want to open gr2, I have such a problem. Does anyone know what it could be please?
  19. Not answered Problem with Book Missions

    Hello, i added Book Missions by drackarys, but i have a problem with UpdateMissionInfo, to be exactly is this one 0319 15:00:25808 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0319 15:00:25808 :: File "", line 2152, in BINARY_ServerCommand_Run 0319 15:00:25808 :: File...
  20. Not answered Guild Mark don't upload problem

    hello, I have this problem when I try to upload a picture of the guild, nothing happens, it is not added either in the guild window or next to the name of the guild, I'm using devil 1.6.5, if anyone has any ideas, I tried with debug and it didn't work given no problem pic with problem...