1. Not answered Guild Mark don't upload problem

    hello, I have this problem when I try to upload a picture of the guild, nothing happens, it is not added either in the guild window or next to the name of the guild, I'm using devil 1.6.5, if anyone has any ideas, I tried with debug and it didn't work given no problem pic with problem...
  2. Not answered Problem AUTO REFINE

    I have a little problem, it gets stuck, when you press OK first time, then it doesn't allow you to press OK again, it's like is something blocking it, I press ESC and then you can press OK again and continuing doing 1 upgrade and then pressing ESC it works, but without pressing ESC it doesn't...
  3. Not answered Error homepage

    How can i solve it ? can't create account on HP. [28-Jan-2024 10:34:30 UTC] PHP Warning: Undefined variable $account_name in /home/mt12/public_html/index.php on line 287 [28-Jan-2024 10:34:30 UTC] PHP Warning: Undefined array key "id" in /home/mt12/public_html/index.php on line 289...
  4. knx229

    Launcher issue after compiling binary source

    After compiling it doesn't work, I didn't change anything. Someone who knows and can help me with this problem, thank you.
  5. ayzer2541

    Failed to load script file : locale/tr/ui/ The problem about

    Hi Login, I have adjusted the channel input setting, I have reduced the size, I am getting syser like this
  6. Not answered SUPPORT SHAMAN Dracarys Source problem

    Hi all! Anyone have any idea what could be wrong ? I checked back 5 times and everything checks out.... I'm a beginner so I can't figure it out on my own unfortunately
  7. Not answered k inventory problem ( additional inventory )

    Hello friends, I removed the k inventory from Ottoman2, but there is a very strange error in the k inventory, the k inventory pulls the objects in the normal inventory, I actually made adaptations, but for example, it shows the k inventory objects in the inventory insight, I did not understand...
  8. Not answered Anti exp button PROBLEM

    Hi. This system does not work for me. No syserr or anything. Nothing happens when the button is pressed. Anybody got any ideas ?
  9. Not answered owsap files aura wearing problem

    I installed the owsap files. aura is attached to the net, but I can't wear it, can anyone help me with the solution? I right click on the aura while it is in my inventory and it doesn't react at all.
  10. Not answered problem installing event manager

    Can anyone give me some help??
  11. Not answered Problem auto pickup DracaryS

    Hello, I also have a problem with autopick-up, it collects all my items, but it puts them in the inventory and not specifically in storage Resurs: View:
  12. Not answered Problem auto hunt client

    p*Problemă/Întrebare: nu pot da start la auto hunt client ramane bifat si stop si start Tipologie server: 40k *Resursă folosită: *ServerFiles utilizat:Neoria2 *Syserr: Poză: View: *Detalii...
  13. LeMo

    Not answered Client Optimization (Lag Fix) problem

    hello guys i was trying to add that system C ++ Client Optimization (Lag Fix) but i got problem and i tried to fix it but everyting i tried didnt work so here the problem error C2065: 'verticesMap': undeclared identifier error C2530: 'p': references must be initialized error C3531: 'p': a...
  14. gumskull123

    Not answered Problem with creating a Client

    ( Forgive me for my English, it's not great and I assisted myself with a translator ) Hi guys, out of boredom/ curiosity/nostalgia I decided to run myself the files that are from another forum. Well everything was going smoothly, I hit the server and built the game. I wanted to build a new...
  15. devmendes

    Not answered Problem with offlineshop

    1028 22:31:18153 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 1028 22:31:18153 :: File "", line 85, in OnRender 1028 22:31:18154 :: File "", line 1003, in SetClipRect 1028 22:31:18154 :: AttributeError 1028 22:31:18154 :: : 1028 22:31:18154 :: 'module' object has no...
  16. Solved Mysql (5.5) ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (38)

    Hey guys! I tried to change my Mysql password, and this happens. (777 permissions have done) I trying with this codes: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server stop mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables & mysql -u root use mysql update user set password=PASSWORD('yourpassword') where user='root'; flush...
  17. Resco

    Not answered Trouble adding a costume

    Hello, I am trying to add a costume from this post: I successfully added the hairstyle, but I have a problem with the costume. I have a costume icon, attributes, etc. but I can't see the model. On the example of a shaman...
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