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  1. Tronium

    Medium Server Tronium - International Server | Max Lv 130 | PVM PV

    DISCORD | WEBSITE | PRESENTATION It is time for us, to announce our server Join our world and become a part of the Tronium community! by joining us, you'll have the chance to meet the special edition of your beloved game and familiarize yourself with its various and unique systems. And...
  2. Eden2


    Site: Glory-Eden2 - Noutăți Official Opening: 14.04.2023 Enter the discord and participate in the Beta Version. Discord: Join the Eden2-14.04.2023 Discord Server! Level: 105 Game Mode: PvM-Medium Presentation: Eden2 - Presentation
  3. mynu12345

    Hard Server Karma2.online PVM HARD New Gameplay 26.12.22

    Web: https://karma2.online/ Discord: Join the Karma2.Online Discord Server! Presentation: https://karma2.online/presentation.html
  4. DoN

    All Quest Functions 彡Ď๐Ṉ彡

    I thought it might be useful Here is all Quest Functions Just leave a comment to see the content Hidden contentHidden contentHidden content I have made one text file to be easier for you Hidden content