The script is designed to monitor and display the Frames Per Second (FPS), CPU usage, and RAM usage in a Metin2 game client. It provides a comprehensive and customizable way to monitor the performance of the game client and adjust settings accordingly. Below are the main...
  2. Ano

    I make free python tools basicly :3

    Hey there! I'm Ano, a programmer always up for a challenge with my side projects. I'm all about crafting cool stuff like patchers, itemproto writers, mini-games, file and folder crypters, and Python interfaces like login screens and character selectors. And trust me, I could list these all day...
  3. OFFER: Custom System Development ->

    Hey guys! As you can see in the title i offer custom system development for small and medium sized systems/addons. I will post two things for reference so you see its unique and custom written stuffs. Example 1-> Multi Sell Feature: Extension on already existing drop dialog. With CTRL +...
  4. Request fishbot in python

    Hi, i need from person who know how to do fishbot to metin, i wrote in python one but it doesnt work properly The fishing system consists in the fact that the chat displays how many times you need to click the space bar from 1-5. Could you help me with this issue?


    Hello animated information system python Hidden content
  6. Ano

    Metin2 Python Patcher (Ftp based)

    Ano - Patcher Hidden content (metin2(dot)download didn't let me upload it. I think, they suspect it contains a trojan or something similar, I offered to send them the source code, but i don't have enough patient to wait for the answere. My intention was to offer a secure method for creating a...
  7. Client Visual Animation c++ Py

    Client animation system works perfectly (I tested) I can't attach pics or video but i think you know which is this system. Virus total
  8. Jackszpero

    Save Account System

    Hello Dear Friends and visitors! In this thread, I share with you a small account save system, easy to install, and you can change the buttons if you want. Hidden content

    VIP [C++]New ItemShop InGame 2022-10-12

    New ingame itemshop system for VIP and Premium Members Only..

    VIP [C++]New ItemShop InGame

    New ingame itemshop system for VIP and Premium Members Only..
  11. Selcuk41

    In-Game Quick Exit System

    Hello today, I will share the in-game quick exit system with you as proof, I will add it a little later. Root/ open Search: def __ClickExitButton(self): self.Close() net.ExitApplication() Replace: def __ClickExitButton(self): import uiCommon...