1. Not answered Problem:Character change quest?

    Hello everyone. I added the file I have to the server, but while all the characters change, it does not turn into a warrior character.When I try it as poly code, /poly 4 code does not work. Can you help me?
  2. Fana


    Hello. Does anyone have the entire server side, quest, db etc for these dungeons? I will pay to share it. Dungeons: Midnight forest, Mazarif ruins , Lava fields, Hell's gate Dungeon, Frosten kingdom dungeon, Abandoned circus. Send me ur DC
  3. Request Original quests for dungeons is that even possible?

    I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about: kill mobs, kill bosses, destroy metins.. over and over and over again I understand that metin has its limitations and some things wouldn't even fit into it, but I still believe that quests in dungeons can be done more creatively. So I would like to...
  4. Not answered Quest and state finish

    Hello peoples, I need to edit this quest so that, when the player answers the right answer, the quest no longer appears on the NPC, how do I do it? quest xxxx begin state start begin when"xxxx."begin say_title("Enigma") say("")...
  5. Quest Time and Item

    Hello community, I need a quest that, for example, when using the item and receiving the bonus, I will no longer be able to use it and, if the player wants to use it, he will receive the message that he has already used it and will no longer be able to use it.
  6. Pumax

    batch language support quest

    İndir Translate Tüm Diller rar
  7. Infinity dungeon (TUTORIAL) by caanmasu

    Hello everyone My Discord is: caanmasu I bring you my second quest tutorial where you can improve your quest/lua skills (a bit of SQL too) until you become a real expert. Note: in the link is the first and second tutorial (Spanish and English language) This tutorial is about an infinity...

    Hi, Attached my, it allows to enter in the war but I can't see the mobs Can someone help me? Thanks
  9. DoN

    All Quest Functions 彡Ď๐Ṉ彡

    I thought it might be useful Here is all Quest Functions Just leave a comment to see the content Hidden contentHidden contentHidden content I have made one text file to be easier for you Hidden content