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server files with source

  1. Scrapper

    Ulthar SF V2

    Im here again. I made more changes and im going to share it with you. This V2 have more changes, take a look: https://metin2.download/picture/V2Q80owF66257bw5jF4ZWnaLIdoP1giE/.png https://metin2.download/picture/6hjDvC2BcEK94120sEXM8VDM7dfOVaYj/.jpg Currently, I dont know any problem with...
  2. Look for Clean Martysama 5.7

    Hello I am looking for Pure Martysama 5.7 files without any modifications . Such As are provided by Martysama. I will be very grateful for your help.
  3. Scrapper

    Kraliyet2 Server Files *Mavi Ruh*

    Hidden content
  4. Scrapper

    1-99 Oldschool Server Files - SCRAPPER -

    Hidden content
  5. New 2023 ServerFiles Free By Nirvana 100% fix

    Hidden contentHidden content 100% Stability of serverfiles We help a lot of people this way server files information enjoy Discord server & for link & community & updates & and so match more ;) ---------BAD CODES REMOVE 100%------ 1) We deleted 100% bad codes 2) We deleted 100% unused codes 3)...
  6. BMLucian

    [Serverfiles] PVM Hypnotic [FULL]

    INFORMATION: - FreeBSD 13+ - MySQL 5.6 - GCC10 - Visual Studio 2022 - Base: Martysama 5.3 - Sources used: Rubria, Wonder & Nostalgia SYSTEMS: - Dungeon Info + Reenter system (Checks on reenter to make sure there is no abuse) - Offline Shop Ikarus (Fixed) - WIKI System (Fixed, don't mix...
  7. BMLucian

    [Serverfiles] Asterion2

    FreeBSD: 12.2 or 13.1 MySQL: 5.6 Hidden content
  8. Scrapper

    ServerFiles Eris2

    İmage link: View: https://imgur.com/qjaMLdk View: https://imgur.com/IbcJp6P View: https://imgur.com/wCtoe91 View: https://imgur.com/PCHXHil Hidden content
  9. Scrapper

    Serverfiles MondialMt2

    Howdy ! I gave up the idea of selling it and thought of sharing it with you. The SVF is started from a clean one (and this can be cataloged as clean, delete the quests and that's it), it's stable, there are still small problems, but easy to solve (a few problems with mobi groups). The server...
  10. Scrapper

    Metin2Hub - Martysama Files SCRAPPER Full

    Hidden content
  11. Baldwin

    Razuning V5

    Vhd id pw ; root - 123 Mysql id pw ; root - maxmi33 Hidden content Server/Kütüphane boost 1.73.0 devil 1.7.8 cryptopp 8.4.0 lzo-2.10 gcc9 Client/Kütüphane Granny 2.11.8 libjpeg-9a Python-2.7 Crypto++ 8.4.0 DevIL-1.7.8 lzo-2.10 Client/Silinenler ve güncelemeler Discord Rpc boost removed...
  12. Baldwin

    Martysama 5.7 with systems

    ChangeLog Emoji System Fast Statu 999KT Yang Limit makefile gcc12-gcc10 #pragma on#pragma/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // ### Defaul###mir Macros ### #defin###O#definCE_EUROPE #define EN#defineE_SYSTEM #define EN#define_SYSTEM #define EN#define_SOUL_SYSTEM...
  13. Baldwin

    MartySama 5.4 [FULL FIX]

    Presentation Video If you have error setup Update Revision -------------------------------------- expr: syntax error *** [all] Error code 2 make: stopped in /usr/src/atemizsrc/Server 1 error if you have this error /usr/src/atemizsrc/Server in makefile @echo...
  14. Baldwin

    Servi Files Marty Sama 17/09/23

    MP4 Packages pkg install -y boost-all devil gcc gcc9 gcc10 gcc48 llvm llvm-devel gmake makedepend ccache subversion mariadb103-server gdb openssl python python3 python27 mysql56-client mysql56-server cryptopp FreeBsd usr/src/server/Extern/cryptopp >>>>>>>>>> gmake libcryptopp.a -j20...
  15. Scrapper

    Karen2 Files

    Hidden content
  16. Scrapper

    Suky Martysama Server Files

    Hidden content
  17. Scrapper

    Neva2 - Server Files

    Hidden content
  18. vila

    Riwals2 Server Files

    MySql :5.6 GCC:8.0 Download Hidden content
  19. Jackszpero

    Empire of PvP2

    Hello Guys! Today I will share you a PvP SF, a.k.a Empire of PvP2! Locale_inc.h: #define LOCALE_SERVICE_SINGAPORE #define ENABLE_COSTUME_SYSTEM #define ENABLE_ENERGY_SYSTEM #define ENABLE_DRAGON_SOUL_SYSTEM #define ENABLE_NEW_EQUIPMENT_SYSTEM #define ENABLE_GRAPHIC_MODE #define...
  20. levocen

    WorldofChaos2 Unpacked [07 May 2023]

    SERVER LİNK : Home | WorldOfChaos2 Hidden content
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