1. Request Looking for PvP serverfile

    Hello, im looking for a pvp sf. only newer interested and not publicated.. send me offers and we talk about the deal. >> Expensive not interested thanks
  2. Syerra2 Official Start 11.12.23

    Syerra 2 is coming soon Official Start 11.12.23 18:00 CET Discord Join the Syerra2 Discord Server!
  3. Sell Spirit2 - International SF (WoM)

    Offer for sale the Spirit2 project. Presentation: LINK1 LINK2 Most of the bugs reported in the past have been fixed. WoM2 based it's no secret but as we all know all these publications are buggy. Test server is provided. Price: 30Euro Contact (Discord): zeros99
  4. Sura_head clean Serverfile TESTED!

    Client source/Defines.h //#define ENABLE_OPEN_MULTIPLE //#define _IMPROVED_PACKET_ENCRYPTION_ //#define ENABLE_SEQUENCE_SYSTEM //#define ENABLE_GUI_SHOWER //#define ENABLE_WOLFMAN #define CHARACTER_NAME_MAX_LEN 48 #define MAX_HIT_COUNT 24 //16 #define HORSE_SKILL_SLOT 107 #define...
  5. Black

    Monsters 3D Service - Boss Element X2

    Good Use Metin2Hub Family :) Hidden content
  6. luismurias

    Easy Server Avenor2 - A New Generation

    We have open a server for beta tests You can enjoy and play our systems. We have: Max lvl 250 Wing System Cape System Ingame Wiki Multifarmblock Talent Tree Anti-EXP Tittle System Fast reload CH Prestige System Bio System +25 Maps Added Skill Color System New Emotions New Pets New Mounts...
  7. Shiroi Suisei

    Sumedia2 SF - 1/99 Oldschool & Farming

    Hello everyone! This is my first topic. :) I would like to share with you this SF I made in 2021. Very special and emotional SF for me. Because the first SF I made. The systems in it are old and I want to share because I know I can do better. I will not provide support for this SF. Dropped...