1. Staple

    NEW_PET_SYSTEM Solution to pet skill slot problem

    Hello, I will share with you a solution to a problem that most people cannot solve, even if it is small. The system is a fix for the new_pet_system system, that is, for the leveled pet system. The problem is that if your pet skill slots on your leveled pet are closed on the mini pet screen and...
  2. TheBlackStar

    Skill Book Combination System

    Benefited the script from the official server and worked on the C++, just decided to share this system with everyone because I no longer care much about it. It’s not really a big of a system and most likely it could be leaked from some traitor so honestly, I rather share it myself. Instead of...
  3. Not answered BOSS SKILL dmg

    Hello guys! I have a problem with the bosses SKILL damage. Here is my problem: Gyazo Screen Video The bosses arent doing damage with their skills and their knockback effects arent applied either. skill_proto and mob_proto googledocs client syserr: nothing server syserr: nothing Syslog: i can...
  4. Skill select To letter Thanks to this add-on, we can get automatic remote skills at level 5 without going to teachers. Hidden content
  5. Jackszpero

    Skill Tree

    Hello Guys!:coffee: Hidden content
  6. Aincrad