1. Staple

    NEW_PET_SYSTEM Solution to pet skill slot problem

    Hello, I will share with you a solution to a problem that most people cannot solve, even if it is small. The system is a fix for the new_pet_system system, that is, for the leveled pet system. The problem is that if your pet skill slots on your leveled pet are closed on the mini pet screen and...
  2. Not answered cube 1 slot

    Hi, do anyone know how to make cube system to work only with one item to craft? i would be grateful if anyone could help me :3 Thank you in advance.
  3. vila

    [C++/Py]Empty slot tooltip system

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    This system was created by "Owsap", it works perfectly. I hope you enjoy it ! The point is to bet your money (yang/gold) on a higher amount of gold and the higher you bet the higher the payout is, similar as how a casino slot machine works without being too complex. The rules are simple, you...