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  2. Server files clean for sell

    Howdy ! I put a new project up for sale. The SVF is started from a clean one (and this can be categorized as clean, it deletes the quests and that's it), it is stable. The server has: ->4 inventories ->switchbot ->4 functional channels ->bonuses page ->old world maps (implemented by me 100%) ->...
  3. SERVER FILLES CLEAN (for sell) !!!!!!!!!

    server files source clean

    Como muchos sabeis, esta base se basa en Ava2. Sin mas que hablar aqui os dejamos todo completo... Hidden contentHidden content Hidden contentHidden content SERVERFILES Hidden content Atentos cabrones!!!
  5. OsuProduction

    N2 Play Windows x64 WS Server Files Edited Version

    There are 8 languages available, including 98-99 Global TR, and 4 languages are active (tr, en, de, ro). If desired, it can also be played as TR only. There are plenty of armor and weapon costumes (including ancient costumes). Damages are completely balanced and carefully adjusted. Server-Client...
  6. kaantan

    Metin2 PVP Auto Hunt is purchased with source code.

    Metin2 PVP Auto Hunt is purchased with source code.
  7. اُلَّضـّـَبّـعَ

    Not answered erorr While compiling the file source

    Hello all After completing the CompileSource server and starting the shell, this error occurs
  8. MrCrane

    Not answered source compilation problem

    hello, I have a clean serverfile where everything works fine except for the 'src' part, I use freebsd 13.1 and I can compile the 'db' part but the range part gives me an error that I don't know how to solve, can someone help me? linking ../game_r41034 /usr/local/bin/ld...
  9. edipcandmr

    Server Files "M2Hub Special "

    NOT : Kurulum içinde vardır M2HUB dışında başka bir forumda paylaşılmadan önce lütfen izin alınız. NOT: It is included in the installation. Please get permission before sharing it in any forum other than M2HUB. Hidden content
  10. knasti

    Not answered Problems with german letters on the npc names

    Hello we have a problem with the npc names in our german client language. Ä,Ö,Ü are not correctly displayed. When we change the ä to ae in the mob proto names we have the folloing incorrect display:
  11. Staple

    Marysama 5.3 server files

    Hello friends, today I will present you the added and clean version of Martysama 5.3 server files, the infrastructure is active, it has been tested by +2000 players in the game, it has fixes, but if there are other problems, you need to fix it, then you can make beautiful structures, good use...
  12. knasti

    Not answered Can help me

    Hello, can anyone help me? Does anyone have an item/mob_proto unpacker for the Ava2 files?
  13. DEV

    Ich suche einen 2. DEV für meinen Server der sich mit Questen, Client Source und Game Source auskennt, bitte schreibt mir doch eine DM auf Discord, falls ihr Interesse habt. DC: sareborn
  14. Scrapper

    Resources] M2Project Server Files Hidden content
  15. Scrapper

    Arkosia2 Server Files

  16. ARSLAN

    119 - 120 SERVER FILES + SOURCE

    HELLO It is a file that you can either dismantle or develop. BSD 12 xx Mysql 5.6 Vs 2019 Hidden content
  17. NesquiK


    Python version: 2.7 Granny version: 2.9 GCC version: 4.9 MySQL Information; Username: root Password: dev Hidden content #ifndef __INC_SERVICE_H__ #define __INC_SERVICE_H__ #define _IMPROVED_PACKET_ENCRYPTION_ // 패킷 암호화 개선 // #define __AUCTION__ #define __PET_SYSTEM__ #define...
  18. NesquiK

    Sinners2 Server Files

    Offline Shop; View: Switch Bot; View: Mount System; View: Mob Drop Info System; View: Dungeons; Hidden content
  19. NesquiK

    Kazuyaden Server Files v2 Geliştirilmiş

    FreeBSD Information Username:root Password: developer MySQL information Username: root Password: marsen Hidden content
  20. knx229

    Launcher issue after compiling binary source

    After compiling it doesn't work, I didn't change anything. Someone who knows and can help me with this problem, thank you.