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  1. Rail

    Not answered Source from Windows to FreeBSD

    Hello, i've been trying to work with Fliege V3 because the source is given in a windows and a freebsd comaptible version. My question is after developing the server running the source on Windows, how can i change the source to be able to run on FreeBSD again in order to go live?
  2. Shiroi Suisei

    Sumedia2 SF - 1/99 Oldschool & Farming

    Hello everyone! This is my first topic. :) I would like to share with you this SF I made in 2021. Very special and emotional SF for me. Because the first SF I made. The systems in it are old and I want to share because I know I can do better. I will not provide support for this SF. Dropped...
  3. Viello

    Viello-[2022] GIVE STARTING ITEMS with SOURCE CODE [Lycan included] Lycanlı SRC Tabanlı Başlangıçta Giyili item verme

    Merhabalar src tabanlı başlangıçta item verme kodunu arıyordum. Çözüm blackxdragon61 adlı sistemlerini sevdiğim bir kişiden geliyor. Hidden content //wolfman yazan yerin altına vermek istediğiniz zırh silahı vs savaşçıdakine bakıp ekleyin.
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