system c++

  1. NesquiK

    Metin2 Advanced Duel System

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  2. NesquiK

    in-game translation System_Translator_V2

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  3. Scrapper

    Okey Cards Event - SCRAPPER

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  4. Scrapper

    Barbut System c++

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  5. BMLucian

    [C++] Buff doesn't disappear when you die

    This system keeps your buff even if you die; FILE NAME: Service.h ADD: FILE NAME: Char.h SEARCH: ADD ABOVE: FILE NAME: char_affect.cpp SEARCH: ADD: FILE NAME: char_battle.cpp SEARCH: CHANGE: For the health of your servers, I don't recommend it.
  6. Jackszpero

    Skill Tree

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  7. Jackszpero

    Ingame ItemShop

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  8. Scrapper

    Official Charm System Full

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  9. Scrapper

    Acce Bonus Booster System

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  10. Jackszpero

    Save Account System

    Hello Dear Friends and visitors! In this thread, I share with you a small account save system, easy to install, and you can change the buttons if you want. Hidden content
  11. Jackszpero

    ShopEx Renewal

    Hello Guys! Today I share with you a system, that allows you to sell items in shop for exp,item,or yang. You can choose it in database , from a drop down menu. In the files, there is an sql, you can add it to your database, but be sure you suit it for your server (npc vnum, item id etc) The...
  12. Scrapper

    Restart Dialog Timer System

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