1. NesquiK

    in-game translation System_Translator_V2

    Hidden content
  2. coffeeRequired

    Not answered Translate (Czech) + Charset for (ěščřžý) AVA2 source

    Hello does anyone know how to translate Ava2? thank you and I also wonder if you know how to make the metines spawn mobs thanks
  3. I want to be GM Those looking for translators come in

    Hello, I'm Harun. I live in Turkey and I translate Turkish to Global Metin 2 servers. Also, if they want, I work as a GM in Türkiye. I get a very small fee for all this. I have already translated to a few servers. one of them is zenith. I do my job well and take it seriously. To reach me, please...
  4. Pumax

    batch language support quest

    İndir Translate Tüm Diller rar
  5. delaromx

    Translate Tool in Python

    The translate is partial or total depending on the files to translate, if you have extra systems or items or mobs to them that the official has will not be a translator for obvious reasons, but most will be in the language you want xd how does it work? example: if you want to translate...
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