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  1. Scrapper

    Ulthar SF V2

    Im here again. I made more changes and im going to share it with you. This V2 have more changes, take a look: https://metin2.download/picture/V2Q80owF66257bw5jF4ZWnaLIdoP1giE/.png https://metin2.download/picture/6hjDvC2BcEK94120sEXM8VDM7dfOVaYj/.jpg Currently, I dont know any problem with...
  2. Ulthar

    Upgraded Reference (TMP4 Base) By Ulthar

    Today i want to share my modifications what i changed on the @ TMP4 base. (Thanks for your work guys.♥) So whats inside in this modified TMP4 base? Quest message shown faster. GIF Sash system. GIF Infinity Bravery cape + the percentage of the pulled mobs increased to 80% (default was 50%) If...
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