1. NesquiK

    v16.2 Update Fog Config

    İMAGE in-game fog on and off Hidden content
  2. TheBlackStar

    Renewal Buffi [LAST UPDATE]

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  3. Fana


  4. Fana

    Not answered Looking for help with update i will pay

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who will update my source code and I will pay for help. Leave me your DC
  5. Fana


  6. Fana

    Not answered Compilator update

    Hi all! Im looking a tut or persho can help me update my compilator. If u are intrested type to me. I can pay for ur time and help. Regards, Fana
  7. Scrapper

    Dali Offline Shop and Search Update Version

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  8. DoN

    Autopatcher with PSD [Full]

    Here is autopatcher with PSD so you can make it as you like it's easy to design as you like and also easy to install *Here is how to install* *First go in ''pch'' folder and edit ''metin2torrent.config.xml'' with your website details *Upload ''pch'' Folder to your website host *After go in...