1. OsuProduction

    N2 Play Windows x64 WS Server Files Edited Version

    There are 8 languages available, including 98-99 Global TR, and 4 languages are active (tr, en, de, ro). If desired, it can also be played as TR only. There are plenty of armor and weapon costumes (including ancient costumes). Damages are completely balanced and carefully adjusted. Server-Client...
  2. Not answered Convert server to Windows?

    Hey, I have been dealing with memory usage being 3,5G for 5cores + db I came across AddressSanitizer, but ain't no way, I will be able to work with it. Option would be to convert the Server to run under Visual Studio and debug it from there. Do we have somewhere any tutorial/know-how, what...
  3. MT2

    Not answered Shutdown protocol and ch99 experiment in Windows Metin2

    Dude, coding is also for Kanal99 I'm trying to add; in the initial state *********** başlat.bat @echo off cd "db" start "db" "db.exe" cd "../auth" start "authgame" "authgame.exe" cd "../channel1" start "game" "game.exe" cd "../channel99" start "99game" "99game.exe" ******* server stop...
  4. Scrapper

    Toast Notification

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  5. Rail

    Not answered Source from Windows to FreeBSD

    Hello, i've been trying to work with Fliege V3 because the source is given in a windows and a freebsd comaptible version. My question is after developing the server running the source on Windows, how can i change the source to be able to run on FreeBSD again in order to go live?