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How to implement an NPC

To implement an NPC you need:

1. The NPC folder with the model (.gr2) and its textures.
2. Decrypter proto (Dump Proto / or other)

New NPC addition tutorial

1. Decrypt npc2 and add the folder (1.) With npc here.

2. Decrypt root and open npclist.txt
Here you will add the NPC code and folder name (1.)
Save and compile to root.

3. Decrypt local, then open mob_proto.txt from the proto dump.
In mob_proto.txt you will add a new line for the NPC, and in mob_names you will put the name of the new npc.
Tip: You can copy the line from the general store (9003) and duplicate it, then change the code with that of the new npc in case you don't have the mob_proto part in the resource archives.

4. Compile mob_proto.txt using proto dump and put the new mob_proto generated in the client (local).

Now all we have left is the server side:

For those who use txt:
Replace in usr / home / game / xxx / xxx / db >> mob_proto.txt & mob_names.txt << with the new ones.

For those who use SQL:
Go to Navicat -> Player -> mob_proto and create a new line for the new NPC.
Tip: You can copy the line from the general store (9003) and duplicate it and then change the code to the new npc

Careful! Some NPCs have the location of the model elsewhere,
not necessarily in npc2. To check the location, go to the NPC's folder
and open the .msm file with notepad ++.

And ready, enter the server, use the command / reload p and / m codnpc


I hope I helped you!​
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