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Owsap-Ship Defense [Dungeon]

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Hello evreyone, i'm DoN
I wold like to share with you this map from Owsap...

"Ship Defense is a dungeon accessible only in groups (minimum 2 players, maximum 8) in which players set sail for the new continent defending the ship’s mast from increasingly stronger and more numerous monsters until they defeat all three heads of the Hydra boss. Once the mission is complete, the participants will receive some rewards (determined by chance)."

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"Entry Requirements
All these requirements can be disabled.

  • The player must be present in a group.
  • Only the Group Leader can request entry to the dungeon.
  • All group members must have a Passage Ticket.
  • The maximum number of participants is 8 and the minimum is 2.
  • All group members must be on the same map.
  • The use of mounts is not allowed.

The Group Leader requests entry from the Fisherman NPC, located at Dragon Fire Chief, so all participants will be able to access the map.
Requirements: have a Passage Ticket and do not use mounts of any kind.


The objective is to defend the mast, located on the deck of your ship, from sea monsters and the giant three-headed Hydra. A fight against the destruction of the ship’s mast: monsters attack the main sail in a targeted way to make the boat sink: it will have to be defended from waves of increasingly strong attacks. At the top right, under the mini-map, the HP bar of the ship’s Mast will appear.


The challenge will begin after the leader (only he can do it) has interacted with the NPC Rudder. All group members must be present in the ship, otherwise it will not be possible to start. From now on you will have 60 seconds to prepare before the ship sails. After these, the characters will have access to the deck of the ship and the first monsters will arrive.

Stage 1 – Hold on for 120 seconds!

The aim of the first phase is to resist the attack of the monsters for 120 seconds, defending the mast NPC. After the time has elapsed, there will be a 10 second pause before moving on to the next phase.

Stage 2 – Destroy the first head!

To complete the second phase it will be necessary to destroy the head of the Hydra, which will appear from the hole in the stern just below the rudder, while continuing to defend the Mast. In this phase, other types of monsters will appear. Defeat the first head, after 10 seconds, we will move on to the next phase. Certain monsters will attack with special attacks, the Brood of Hydra will be able to use a laser beam to heavily damage the tree, this beam can be interrupted by walking over a blue circle with an arrow. This can only be done once per every 10 seconds. Killing the Hydra Brood will spawn Wood for repair, a very weak stone type that if destroyed will drop a Wood for Repair (item) that will allow you to recharge the tree’s HP a little.

Stage 3 – Destroy the second head!

The third phase is identical to the previous one: it will end once the second head of the Hydra is destroyed. The waves of monsters will be more conspicuous and more resistant monsters will appear. More monsters will attack the Tree from a distance. At the end of the phase, after 10 seconds you will move on to the next one.

Stage 4 – Destroy the last head!

The last phase is a much more complicated version of the previous two, not only for the number, type and strength of the monsters, but also for the periodic activation of the Null Magic debuff (loss of all buffs, as for effect activated by the Ability Nullify Magic ) for 25 seconds that will be inflicted on all party members by the last head of the Hydra .
Once this last phase is completed, the reward can be obtained.

Possibility of failing

The group may fail if:

  • The Master Tree is destroyed by monsters
  • All party members choose the Surrender button after dying (in this case you will be taken to Dragon Fire Chief)
In case of Crash

It is possible to reconnect to the dungeon at any time after a crash, the character will reappear directly inside the dungeon.
You must log back into the same channel the dungeon was started in, otherwise you will be taken out to Dragon Fire Chief. It is however possible to re-enter the dungeon by reconnecting in the correct channel. In the event that all members of the party unplug / crash, it is still possible to re-enter the dungeon. Attention, even if there are no group members inside the dungeon, it will continue to function normally. For example, if all party members disconnect at the beginning of the dungeon (Phase 1), and then reconnect 3 minutes later, they will end up in Phase 2 of the dungeon, resulting in the loss of life of the Master Tree ."

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