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This system was created by "Owsap", it works perfectly. I hope you enjoy it !

The point is to bet your money (yang/gold) on a higher amount of gold and the higher you bet the higher the payout is, similar as how a casino slot machine works without being too complex.

The rules are simple, you have three (3) possible jackpots in which each one has a payout amount.
Hit the same icon three (3) times and you will win the jackpot.

If you get any other combination that contain jackpot reel icons, you will win half your bet back with a short bet multiplier.

So, the jackpot reels work as so,

A, A, A = Jackpot 1
B, B, B = Jackpot 2
C, C, C = Jackpot 3

All other possible combinations to have a winning: A, A, B; A, A, C; B, B, A; B, B, C; C, C, A; C, C, B; A, B, C; C, A, B; B, A, C; C, B, A; A, C, B;

If you happen to win a jackpot while having close to maximum gold, you will receive an item in your inventory if you have space for it otherwise you will receive it in your storage room. The item will contain the jackpot value.


How to configure?

@ game/constants.cpp you can edit all the betting values you want.
@ game/contants.cpp you can edit as well the jackpot values.
@ root/uiSlotMachineSystem.py you can edit the reel icons and bet values.

In-game, you can also use the commands,
/e slot_machine_reels < x > where < x > is the number of reels you want to randomize.
The more reel icons you have, the harder it is to win a jackpot!

/e slot_machine_multiplier < x > where < x > is the value of the multiplied you want.
The higher this value, the higher the payout is.


For those who are using older versions of C++ some data type identifiers need to be changed as shown below.

  • uint64_t = unsigned long long
  • uint32_t = UINT
  • int32_t = INT
  • uint16_t = WORD
  • uint8_t = BYTE

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This system was created by "Owsap", it works perfectly. I hope you enjoy it !

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