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VIP Event Manager 2022 update 2022-05-27

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Players will be up-to-date with upcoming events as well as have the ability to check out currently active ones while administrators will be able to plan events months ahead or start / end event at any point in time (Scheduled events can be only stopped by reloading the table).

Events can be set in a MySQL table by inserting event type, start of the event (UNIX_TIMESTAMP), end of the event (UNIX_TIMESTAMP) and two optional values which can come in handy when you would like to specify variables in an event, e.g. Experience Event’s rate.

You can reload events in real time. If server starts or an administrator performs an event-reload and event’s start time is lower than the current time it will be automatically started (Reload will cancel out currently running events which will be automatically started right after).

Before the start of each event, a notice will be displayed to the players.

Event overview window offers players a nice overlook over previous/upcoming events in the current month. As stated above, they will be able to preview currently active events and their rewards. There is also a button which serves as a “door” to event’s quest or whatever action you desire. Event overview window can be accessed through a small button on the mini-map window.

  • User can browse through his current month calendar by using the arrows bellow the banners.​
  • Banner general colour is blue. If it is a weekend, it is coloured red.​
  • Banner that hold user’s current date will have a flash effect around it.​
  • By hovering over a banner, a tool-tip will be shown below the board listing every event starting on that day.​
  • Active events are automatically appended/removed from the board.​
  • User can also preview the rewards for each active event.​
  • By clicking on the event button, window will be closed and event’s quest will be opened.​


There are already 14 prepared events which can serve you as a template for future implementation of your own events. You will also receive a special event-purpose map.

  • Experience Event​
  • Item Drop Event​
  • Boss Hunter Event (Bosses are spawned in an Event Map)​
  • Metin Shower Event (Metins are spawned in an Event Map)​
  • Mining Event (Veins are spawned in an Event Map)​
  • Golden Frog Event (Gold Frogs are spawned in an Event Map)​
  • Moonlight Treasure Event​
  • Hexagonal Chest Event​
  • Fishing Event (Player must bring Minnows to a Fisherman to receive the reward)​
  • Hide & Seek Event​
  • OX Event​
  • Tanaka Event (Pirate Tanakas are spawned through desert map carrying precious items)​
  • Siege War​
  • Kingdom War​
  • Automated Event Manager​
  • Event Map​
  • 12 Events​
Every event is completely automated and requires no administrator presence.​
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